Zack Whittaker - Week in Security Volume 7, Issue 19

By rbosaz, 26 May, 2024

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  • FBI seize BreachForums hacking forum used to leak stolen data
  • Cyber official speaks out about SS7 cell network attacks in the U.S.
  • Microsoft's May Patch Tuesday fixes three zero-days
  • Three North Koreans infiltrated U.S. companies in 'staggering' telework fraud
  • Slack users horrified to discover messages used for AI training
  • Jamaica's standards agency hit by cyberattack
  • How cybercrims steal one-time passcodes for SIM swaps and raiding bank accounts
  • U.S. intelligence spotted Chinese and Iranian deepfakes in 2020
  • China's spy threat is growing, but the West has struggled to keep up
  • CSC ServiceWorks ignores bug that allows anyone to get free laundry