Zack Whittaker - Week in Security Volume 7, Issue 12

By rbosaz, 24 March, 2024

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  • Four big questions for lawmakers following Change Healthcare hack
  • Investors' pledge to fight spyware undercut by past investments in malware maker
  • Hackers found a way to open three million hotel keycard locks\
  • U.S. is still chasing down pieces of Chinese hacking operation, NSA says
  • At least 91 customer GitHub tokens stolen in Mintlify breach
  • Lawmakers pass privacy bill overshadowed by TikTok fever
  • Users ditch Glassdoor, stunned by site adding real names without consent
  • Mozilla drops Onerep after CEO admits to running people-search networks
  • New 'AcidRain' variant hitting Ukraine ISPs
  • How to detect Pegasus on your iOS device
  • Fujitsu confirms it found malware, warns of breach
  • Leaked AT&T data emerges (again)
  • Apple chip flaw leaks encryption keys
  • Meta E2EE showdown... delayed